Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's A GIVE, GIVE Situation!

Hey Beauties!It's the season of GIVING and we a have a GIVE, GIVE situation going on at our FaceBook page.....yes, GIVE, GIVE not WIN, WIN. It's because of all of you Beauties that we were able to experience major growth this year. You gave our products to friends & family and even took time to tell everyone the many ways you use our body butter. So we ask that you continue to help us grow by recommending Nidasii to your favorite boutique or spa.

Here's how the Give, GIVE works. For every FaceBook Beauty that recommends.... or if you feel the need... RAVES about us ;-)...to their favorite spa, boutique or specialty store you will receive a full size Sugar Butter Scrub if we make it into the location you recommend by the end of the year. All you have to do is leave a post on our wall letting us know the name of the location and city. If we make it into that location by the end of the year you get a decadent Sugar Butter Scrub! Yes, you have to be a member of our FaceBook community to participate. This GIVE, GIVE situation ends December 31, 2011. Giving is so much better than winning!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Nidasii 5 Days of Body Butter: Friday Massage Therapy

Beauties It's Friday and you made it to the end of another week! Girls take a break and get someone to give you a well deserved massage! I don't care, even if your a busy mom get one of those kids that you've been catering to all week to give you a five minute foot rub with your favorite body butter!

And, if your a single gal like myself get that special loved one or call up your tried and true favorite massage therapist and treat your self to a well deserved massage with your favorite body butter....Singlista's if you don't have a go to massage therapist I strongly recommend you find one....even if it's your Sweety Boo ;-)

Cheers to the weekend Beauties!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nidasii 5 Days of Butter - Pedi's Need A Cure Against Dryness

Because we're in the middle of fall and for most of us our feet are stuck in boots, cute boots I'm sure! There's no reason why your feet can't look as pretty as they did when you were rocking your cutest open toe shoes and sandals this past summer. Here's what I do when I really want to deeply moisturize my feet.

After I take my shower for the night I moisturize as usual. But, on those nights when I want to deeply moisturize and hydrate my feet I take it a step further!

*I slather my damp feet in body butter...yes I slather them
*Then I wrap each foot in plastic wrap ( yes plastic wrap...trust me on this....LOL)
*Next I put on my warmest, fuzziest socks and go off to bed
*The next morning I wake up to soft, supple, deeply hydrated feet

Beauty Bonus: Spa Pedicure Video: If your going to try our method to deeply moisturized feet you might want to make it an extra special pamper night. Check out our Spa Pedicure video.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nidasii 5 Days of Butter - My Moisture Routine

Hey Beauties! I hope your enjoying our five days of body butter. There's so much you can do with body butter I can go on forever! Today I'm going to let you know how I use body butter to re-hydrate my skin. Moisturizing and maintaining moisture is especially important this time of the year.

After my shower I immediately apply body butter to my damp skin. You want to apply the body butter, or any moisturizer for that matter, to damp skin because after we shower our pores are open. The pores of our skin actually open when exposed to heat or warmth. Water acts as a carrier allowing the moisturizer to penetrate deeply beneath the skins surface. When moisturizers penetrate deep below the skins surface it allows our skin to stay hydrated for a longer period of time. And that's extremely important now that most of us are experiencing cooler drier temperatures of fall and soon winter.

Beauty Bonus: If you have extremely dry skin like I do I would highly recommend you use a humidifier to keep the air in your home moist. I actually have two in my apartment. Like I said I have extremely dry skin and during the colder months when we heat our homes the heat dries out any signs of moisture in the air. Having a humidifier will add moisture to the air keeping your skin supple and hydrated longer.

If you don't have a humidifier try placing a stock pot on a low flame on the stove or place a heat resistant bowl on a radiator. This is an old school method...but it works!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Nidasii Five Days of Butter: Curlista Tuesday

I'm sure you know body butters are excellent moisturizers for the body. But, did you know they make great styling aids and moisturizers for hair? Check out our five favorite ways to use body butter as a hair styling aid.

1. Smooths edges
2. Tames Fly aways
3. Adds shine to dull hair
4. Seals ends to prevent breakage
5. Helps twist outs hold their shape

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nidasii Five Days of Body Butter: Mani Monday

Hey Beauties! We're doing something totally new! This week we're going to post five of our favorite uses for body butter. So be sure to check in everyday this week.

Today it's all about Mani Monday! The girls here at Nidasii like to start off the week with a fresh mani and they never arrive at their appointment with out their favorite body butter. Body Butters provide intense moisture and they feel divine when used in a hand massage.

So make today a Mani Monday!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Were You the Day Fall Arrived at 6:03 PM?

Hey Beauties,

There's never a dull moment here in NYC. Last month we had an earthquake and hurricane all in the same week! Like I said never a dull moment. After being shaken up from the earthquake we were told to take refuge to our homes get flash lights, radios & canned goods and prepare for Ms. Hurricane Irene to come to town! For days, after those two events, people asked where were you during the earthquake or how did you survive the weekend the Mayor decided to shut down all modes of transportation and make us stay home (better known to the rest of the world as the weekend of hurricane Irene). These were major moments in the city so of course everyone would ask the "where were you?" question.

But, I have a question specifically for my NYC/NJ beauties. Where were you last week Thursday at 6:03 PM when Fall arrived in NYC? I was on my way to the AT&T store to take care of an issue with my phone when I had to double back and grab a blazer...if I knew it was going to be that chilly I would have grabbed my scarf too! In all my years of living in the city I have never experienced such a drastic change of weather. I mean literally in a day we went from wearing typical summer attire...say t-shirt, jeans & sandals. To needing a long sleeve shirt, jacket & anything to cover your tootsies (toes) if they were out. What happened to the TRANSITION into fall...you know the days & evenings when you can get by with a sweater to hug you when a cool breeze comes along? I know I'm being a bit over dramatic here. But, I truly am not a fan of the cooler months!.....Bye Summer....I miss you already!

Where were you the day fall arrived at 6:03PM?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beauty of Fashion

Aaaannnd where off!!....No this not a relay race....well not exactly. Today Marks the first day of, what I call, the New York Fashion Week race. For the next eight days fashion editors, beauty editors, buyers, fashionista's and beautynista's will converge on the halls of Lincoln Center to report and view the looks for Spring 2012. Trust me. When I tell you it's a race believe me it is. Everyone's constantly running to a show or running off to the next show.

But, here's the thing I love fashion week not only because of fashion I love it because of the beauty! Hello, I'm the Product Junkie Entrepreneur. I drool over the extravagant makeup looks taking note of the colors, textures and techniques. During Fashion week there are so many great beauty features. If I had the time I could easily spend hours watching the behind the scenes footage of makeup artists and beauty insiders sharing their tips and tricks. I'll be sure to share everything I'm drooling over!

You can get a run down of all the shows and activities here http://www.mbfashionweek.com

Something New!

If you have a membership to netflix I recommend The September Issue it's available for streaming.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Convo With Mama

Yesterday my hilarious grandmother in St. Croix called me to make sure I had everything necessary to survive a few days with out power. As a resident of the carribean she's no stranger to hurricanes. So if you need Hurricane Survival Tips she's your lady!......I love you Mama!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Beauty You Can Drink

Hey Beauties! You know I start my day with a cup of tea almost every morning. Two tea bags of black tea to be exact. That's how I get my morning jolt. But, I switched things up. For the past month I've been drinking my "beauty brew". What's that you ask?

Here's What I Do:

I cut two thin slices of ginger and put it in my mug along with a tea bag of black tea. Next, I pour steaming hot water into the mug and let the ingredients steep for a few minutes. If the water is hot enough 10 minutes should be good enough. Next I squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the the tea. But, don't throw away that lemon just yet. I take my fork & gently prick the skin of the lemon to release the natural oils so I get all the beauty benefits of the lemon.

Here's Why I Call it My "Beauty Brew":

Ginger - is known to reduce inflammation and if eaten with food it promotes elasticity in skin.

Lemon - contains vitamin C, which helps fight free radicals & boost skins natural collagen.

Black Tea - Contains tons of antioxidants which will fight free radicals which cause our cells to break down.

NOTE: You can easily turn this hot tea into iced tea by allowing the tea to cool to room temperature after steeping. When it has cooled add slices of lemon & refrigerate so it can chill.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Hat Inspiration

Today I'm on a quest to find a cute summer hat. My perfect hat from last summer got beat up pretty bad last year. Actually, I killed it by accidentally placing it under a storage container with all of my spring/summer clothes last fall.

I'm using my girl Jennifer Lopez as my summer hat muse. No one rocks a wide brim, floppy hat better than JLO. A wide brim hat is an essential summer accessory. Not only is it cute and fashionable but it also protects your face from the harmful rays of the sun. As much as I looooove the sun I now realize how harmful the sun's rays are and how they can wreak havoc on your skin. Can you say Photo Damage?

I Love Summer Hats Because.....

They protect skin from harmful rays of the sun

They cover all my frizzy bad hair days...trust me I have plenty!

They dress up any casual outfit making you look pulled together without trying...Summer Chic!

Do you have a summer hat inspiration? Let us know who or what it is!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Favorite Summer Fragrance

I recently declared Ginjuzu, one of our newest fragrances, my favorite fragrance for summer. I recently noticed I've been using it non stop for the past month! I frequently find myself giving it a dab every time I wash my hands, when I go for mani/pedi's & after every shower. The fragrance is just uplifting to me. I keep one on my desk, my bag and until recently I kept one in my car. I don't recommend storing your body butter in your car during summer months. In temperetures of 75 degrees or greater it's sure to melt.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Day I Knew My Daddy Would Hold Me Down No Matter What!

I must have been seven or eight years old the day I realized my Daddy would hold me down no matter what! I remember one Saturday my mom went to work and left me home with my Dad. He decided we were going to the movies, however, there was a problem. My hair wasn't combed! Now you know that was a real PROBLEM! But, but my dad, as usual, had no worries. He told me to call my Aunt and see if she could do my hair. I called and got no answer. At this point I pretty much knew our trip to the movies was over. But, my dad amazed me! When I went back to tell my dad my Aunt wasn't home he said "go get the stuff your mom uses to comb your hair". I remember standing there shocked and amazed! I wanted to know why this good man would want to even attempt to comb my hair when he knew how I cried and carried on when my mom combed my hair. I'm not talking about braids either that's a whole other blog post. But he said "you want to go to the movies right?". So I did as he said. I went to the bedroom and bought him the comb, brush, hair grease & lotion. I sat on the dining room chair as he stood and began to comb my hair. I showed him how my mom took the hair grease and mixed it with the lotion in the palm of her hands and before you knew it I had two ponytails and we were good to go! I got dressed and we hopped on the subway and went downtown to the movies!

Side Note: Now although my dad did comb hair. Please know my hair was still looking a little crazy although much better than before..LOL. But, my dad didn't care he was determined to take me to the movies and he was going to do whatever he had do to make it happen! I'm truly blessed to have a Dad like him.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 Steps to a Perfect Summer Glow: Step 3 -Eat Your Carrots!

Hey Beauties!

Are you ready for the final step in our "3 Steps to a Healthy Summer Glow"? Well, don't laugh, but, I'm telling you to eat your carrots. That's right, you read it correctly. I'm telling you to eat your carrots because they contain high levels of beta carotene. In fact beta carotene gives the carrot it's orange color. By consuming foods like carrots, sweet potatoes/yams or pumpkins you will actually help to enhance your summer glow. The best part about upping your orange veggie intake will not only enhance your summer glow but provide your body with a ton of added health benefits!

Friday, May 20, 2011

3 Steps to a Perfect Summer Glow: Step 2 - Moisture

Hey Beauties! Tuesday we posted step one in our three steps to the perfect summer glow. Now it's time for step two.... moisture. Moisturizing freshly exfoliated skin keeps it moist and hydrated preventing it from looking dull and dry. Using a heavier moisturizer like shea butter helps to add sheen and lustre to skin while studies have shown that a thin layer can have a SPF as high as 6.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

3 Steps To a Perfect Summer Glow: Step 1 - Exfoliation

Hey Beauties! This week I'm posting the three steps necessary for achieving a beautiful summer glow. Can you believe Memorial Day, the unofficial start of the summer season, is less than two weeks away? Our three steps will have you glowing in time for all your holiday out door events.

The first and most important step to achieving a beautiful summer glow is exfoliation. Exfolating the skin allows all the dull, dry, dead skin to be removed and reveal the brighter more vibrant skin to shine through.

Stay tuned for the second step in our 3 Steps to a Perfect Summer Glow.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Long Warm Days of Summer

I don't know about the rest of you, but, I absolutely can't wait for the long warm days and nights of summer to reach the NYC area. I know there are a lot of people that detest the hot and humid days of summer, but, I'm not one of them. I absolutely love it! The humidity does wonders for my excessively dry skin, my hair seems to grow like weeds ( most likely due to the humidity)and I just feel free. No heavy layers of clothing or heavy coats layered with scarves, hats and gloves. I'm such a summer baby. I love wearing bright flowy dresses, cute sandals to expose perfectly polished toes and tank tops. Let's not forget all the city has to offer...the FREE outdoor concerts, street fairs and BBQ's....especially in Harlem there's always a BBQ.

Summer I don't where you are or when you'll eventually get here, but trust I'm ready and waiting!

Friday, April 22, 2011

How I'm Eco Friendly 24/7/365

Hey Beauties! It's Good Friday & Earth Day....Now how often does this occur?

Today I would like to know how many of you are actually "eco-friendly" on a daily basis? Lord knows I try but I'm not always succesful. Here's what I do.

1. Re-usable Shopping Bags - I absolutely love them, they hold so much more than those annoying plastic shopping bags. I live in NYC so I have steps to climb just make it to the front door of my apartment building. Carrying one or two re-usable bags is much easier than stumbling up steps with six or seven bags.....The only problem is sometimes I forget to take them out the trunk when I get to the supermarket....Yes, I live in NYC and I drive to the market (don't judge me). I told you I try but I'm not always succesful.

2. Plastic Take Out Containers - Those plastic take out containers have now become my own personal Tupperware collection. They're perfect for storing left overs and sending those friends and family members that don't like to return your good plastic containers home with food.

3. Donate Everything - My new moto is donate, donate, donate. If there's something that I need to replace that's in good condition I donate it. That means everything from clothing to printers. I've learned if there's something I can't use there is always someone else who can.

Happy Earth Day Beauties!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Week My Poor Little Body Broke Down

Yes, it's true my little five foot body really did break down this week. Does this mean I'm officially getting older?....sniff, sniff.

It all started Monday. Can I tell you that Monday it was 82 degrees in NYC? Do you know what happens when the mercury hits 82 degrees in April.....people loose their minds! All I'll say is this you definitely see more skin. Now here's where things start going down hill for me. I didn't go crazy running out side in t-shirt and jeans. Instead, I walked with my jacket stuck in my gym bag and wore my track pants/leggings t-shirt and a sweater because I was on my way to my FIRST official kickboxing class. And all I can say is O...M...G!! I think my body immediately went into shock because I could barely walk down the stairs after class. My poor thighs kept shaking and trembling every time I had to attempt any moves in the squatting position. This class made my first class of Bikram yoga look like a steamy walk in the park. During my first time taking that class you couldn't tell me I didn't see "The Light".

Of course I felt all the pain and soreness Tuesday. But, it wasn't too bad I managed to get through the day and I even pushed my self to attend my monthly mastermind even though I wanted to go home and take a nice long soak....By the way the beautiful 82 degree weather didn't stick around for long the temperature quickly dropped by 20 degrees and it was rainy.....really, rainy! Perfect example of our early spring weather in NYC....bipolar.

Now when I woke up this morning I was in worst pain than yesterday!! I swear I'm not making this up. I know it's not good to swear, but, really I'm not making this up. Every square inch of my body was in more pain than the day before. I woke up this morning feeling muscle achy like I was coming down with the flu with muscle soreness from the day before. Every part of my body was at level 10+++++ on the pain scale, with a nice dose of insane head congestion and slight temperature to boot. Of course the head congestion is all courtesy of Tuesday's dreary rainy weather. And, of course today's weather was a repeat of yesterday.....cold, wet and rainy. Now I'm waiting for the kettle to whistle because I'm going to pour the hot water into my stainless steel face basin and hang my head over it while covering with a towel. I'm trying to hold out and stick to my natural home remedies instead of taking medicine. Oh boy...let's see how this goes. Just in case things don't work out I have my box of nasal decongestants next to me.

Good Night Beauties.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm So Ready For Spring

Hey Beauties!! I don't know about you but I can't wait for the spring weather to arrive. I know the calendar says we're about ten into spring but the weather here in NYC is still cold and chilly. All this cold weather has me thinking about my spring Fav's.

This spring the girls and I will be:

Adding color to our usually neutral colored lips. That's right we'll be brightening our smiles by swiping warm hues of reds and pinkish reds to our lips.....Muah!!!

Next, we'll focus on our feet by choosing bright warm colors for spring

Then, we'll keep our pedi's looking fab by treating our feet to a relaxing exfoliation treatment once a week with our spring fav's Mango-go Sugar Rush and Cruzan Body Butter

What are your Spring Fav's?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Did Ya Know: Shea, Shea, Shea ♫♫

Hey Beauties! How are you all enjoying spring? I can't believe we had snow showers this morning in NYC. What happened to that beautiful 75 degree weather we had Friday? But, enough about my weather woes. Last week we had our first "Did Ya Know" Friday. Once a month on a Friday were going to spend a day posting interesting facts about a natural beauty ingredient on our Nidasii FaceBook page. Our first "Did Ya Know" ingredient was shea butter. In case you missed it we posted them below.

Did Ya Know: That slathering your feet in Shea butter & covering them in plastic for 30 minutes or sleeping with socks over night immediately after an at home pedicure or shower will leave your feet soft & moisturized all day

Did Ya Know: a single Karite tree (tree that produces the Shea butter) takes 50 years to mature & will survive up to 300 years!!! Talk about longevity.

Did Ya Know: Butyrospermum Parkii is the INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) name for Shea Butter. The next time you purchase an item with Shea Butter & you can't identify it on the ingredient listing look for Butyrospermum Parkii.

Did Ya Know: Shea Butter in the U.S. is commonly used in cosmetic & beauty products, however, in west African countries it's most commonly used for cooking.

Did Ya Know: Shea Butter is a nut that comes from the Karite tree

Did Ya Know: Shea Butter is an ingredient commonly used in chocolates. Take a look & see if it's in your favorite chocolate

Don't forget to let us know what you think! Do you have suggestions for next month? We love receiving your feedback.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

BOGO'S And Giveaways Don't Miss It!

Hey Beauties! Help us spread the word about Nidasii. April 1st 2011 we'll have a new look, new products and tons of giveaways so tell your friends & family to stop by and join the fun it's going to be an experience you won't want to miss. To be a part of the fun join our family of Beauties at our Nidasii Body Care FaceBook page. During our opening week we're going to have BOGO's and Giveaways...Who doesn't love that. As if that's not enough, we are going to enhance our Double Duty Beauty series with tons of new HD videos and we're adding a new video series. If you live for beauty and pampering like we do we think this will become your Beauty Haven!

But, that's not all. We're letting you in on a little secret.....later this year we're going to have something for the Nidasii Man in your life!

Nidasii......experince beauty naturally

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time To Launch

Hey Beauties! We'll be launching our new products April 1, 2011, and, no that's not a joke!! As you know by now we have a new look and a few new products. After all the delays and minor set backs we've had along the way we will FINALLY be able to reveal our newest line of "Sugar Butter Bath Scrubs" as well as the new fragrances we added to the line. Until then we're going to be busy getting ready for our launch....Can't wait!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Special Announcements!!

Hey Beauties!! Next week we have several special announcements about our new line of products! I know I've been talking about this whole re-branding project for months now, but, trust me on this. You will want to tune in on Monday 2/28/11 because we're going to announce a new product and a special give away!! The only way to find out about our Special Announcements next week is to visit our Nidasii Body Care FaceBook page.

Can't wait to post all the great news!

Have a great weekend Beauties.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Find Your Power and Own It

Hey Beauties! Somethings been weighing on my heart and I had to write about it. These days I'm seeming way too many people let other people, situations and things steal their power. And, all too often they are letting the negative opinions of others bring them down. Naturally, hearing negative comments will make anyone unhappy and I truly understand those comments may hurt you to your core, I know because I have been there myself. You can't stay there and live in that space where you allow the negativity to steal your power. Staying in that space will prevent you from moving forward, being productive, having a clear mind to see how you can move above and beyond. All these things will eventually lead to the degredation of your physical and mental health if you remain in that negative state. That's why I believe it's fine to feel down or sad but you also have to be able to look beyond and EMPOWER yourself. How do you do this?

Because someone else thinks you can't do something doesn't mean you can't do it. When you decide to move out of that powerless state and empower your self you will find that you can do whatever "it" is, and you will most likely exceed your expectations as well as theirs.

Own the truth. We have all have done things that we are not proud of or may have cause emotional pain to others. It's OK. Accept it, own it and move forward. There's something called forgiveness and when you allow your self to forgive you GIVE yourself FREEDOM. It's like an emancipation of your spirit.

If you need a visual example on how to empower your self, just take a look at what happened in Egypt. A single man was in power for nearly 30 years and as a result of him not allowing the citizens of Egypt to empower themselves financially and through the form of a structured educational system he eventually lost his power. The people of Egypt decided they had been in that powerless state for too long so they took action and now they are in the state of tyring to Empower themselves.

How are you empowering yourself? Please do share your comments you never know how your feedback can positively affect someone else. Share the POWER.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sensual Signature Candle

our new signature soy candles waiting to be capped & labeled (yes I took this pic so please don't cringe at the poor photo quality :-))

Hey Beauties! Once again I couldn't resist taking a picture and posting about another new product you will see on our revamped website in a few weeks. I don't know about you, but, I absolutely L.O.V.E candles. They are all over my apartment. OK maybe not everywhere, I do have limited space these days, but, I keep them in my bathroom and living room. I especially love them for their ambiance. To me there's nothing more relaxing than soft flickering candlelight. So when we were updating our product menu I had to include the candle that I've been making for my friends & family as personal gifts. I like to think of it as our signature candle and fragrance.

One of my friends actually thinks I should name the fragrance Sexy because she says it's such a sensual fragrance. But, I guess you all will have to stay tuned for the official relaunch to find out which name we went with!

What's your favorite candle fragrance?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some New Sugah!

In just a few short weeks we should have our new website up. But, until that day arrives I want to give you a sneak peek at one of our new products Shea Butter Sugar Scrub. I couldn't resist taking a pic of this batch waiting to be capped and labeled.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What Would I Do With Out Dr. Oz?

I have to start this post off by letting you know I love, love, love, love Dr. Oz! I think he is the best out of what I call Oprah's "Dream Team" (Dr. Phil, Suze Orman, Dr. Oz). This past Wednesday, while trying to stay clear of all the treacherous ice left from our wonderful (of course I'm being sarcastic)) ice storm, I saw one of his shows on anti-aging procedures and foods. You know when he got to the segment where he lists 5 foods or produce items that help our bodies keep reproducing healthy cells and tissue I had to share it with you. Hmmmmm!...... maybe I should incorporate these ingredients into one of my "Double Duty Beauty" videos......What do you think?

Check out the video to learn more about these age defying ingredients!

Also, here's the recipe the age defying salad.

5 Age defying Fruits & Vegetables


Rich in Lutein which is great for the eyes and serves as a natural sunblock for them

Are great because they contain both potassium, which benefits our neurological system among other things & beta carotene which can give our skin a natural glow...who doesn't love that!

Cucumber skin contains silica a component of connective tissue that helps plump skin

Blood Oranges
contain anthocynin, a purplish pigment that serves as an anti oxidant

contains both anthocynin which is a natural antioxidant & Nasunin which serves as both an antioxidant & phytonutrient known to protect the fat membranes in brain cells.....I soooo need to load up on this!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Yay... They're Here....Finally!!

I thought this day would never arrive but it has. our new labels are finally here and they look great! I couldn't resist taking a quick pic. This is not the greatest photo, but that's what the professionals are for. I can't wait to see how they come out in our new product photos when we send them off to be photographed.

What do you think of our new labels or our new look?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Double Duty Beauty: Moisturizing Hair Mask

It's official the Double Duty Beauty series is back! This week I show you how I create my own version of a moisturizing hair mask. This beauty recipe also works great when you incorporate it with your favorite conditioner, especially if you desire more of a detangling agent.

Plain Yogurt
1 Whole Avocado
1 or 2 Eggs
Olive Oil

Why Each Ingredient is Great For Your Hair

Yogurt - the natural probiotics found in will draw impurities from the hair & milk protiens will help strengthen the hair

Avocado - a rich in many vitamins like A, B6, C and K. But what makes avocados so great for the hair is the ability of their natural oils to penetrate the hair shaft and thoroughly moisturize hair.

Egg - Eggs contains proteins that strengthen hair and add moisture

Olive Oil - Contains fatty acids that are essential for nourishing hair with moisture

Beauty Recipe Remixx

If you desire more of an intensive deep conditioning treatment for your hair try mixing
one whole avocado or two hass avocados, with two egg yolks and olive oil. Apply this mixture to damp or wet hair and cover with a plastic cap for 30 minutes. When done you should have well moisturized coils.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Inspiring Quotes of Martin Luther King Jr.

I think there's nothing more valuable than being able to reference a scripture or profound quote during your time of reflection. So, I want to share a few quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that inspire me. I hope they will inspire you as well.

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Like an unchecked cancer, hate corrodes the personality and eats away its vital unity. Hate destroys a man's sense of values and his objectivity. It causes him to describe the beautiful as ugly and the ugly as beautiful, and to confuse the true with the false and the false with the true.

Martin Luther King Jr.

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year New Beginings & a Kinky Curly Mane

Happy New Year Beauties! It's the start of a New Year and New Beginnings for us here at Nidasii. So far I'm pleased with how the year is starting out for us. We have a new logo and a new line of products. We also have a new packaging design that I'm sooooo in love with! I cant wait for the official re-launch!

Now, the other thing I'm really excited about is my kinky curly mane!! I've really been showing my KCM (Kinky Curly Mane) some love lately and With just a few more months of TLC I'll have the big curly fro I want so badly!

Are you rockin a New "Do" for the New Year? If you are share your comments & photo's here on our blog or join our conversation on twitter using #nidasiinaturalhair.