Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Were You the Day Fall Arrived at 6:03 PM?

Hey Beauties,

There's never a dull moment here in NYC. Last month we had an earthquake and hurricane all in the same week! Like I said never a dull moment. After being shaken up from the earthquake we were told to take refuge to our homes get flash lights, radios & canned goods and prepare for Ms. Hurricane Irene to come to town! For days, after those two events, people asked where were you during the earthquake or how did you survive the weekend the Mayor decided to shut down all modes of transportation and make us stay home (better known to the rest of the world as the weekend of hurricane Irene). These were major moments in the city so of course everyone would ask the "where were you?" question.

But, I have a question specifically for my NYC/NJ beauties. Where were you last week Thursday at 6:03 PM when Fall arrived in NYC? I was on my way to the AT&T store to take care of an issue with my phone when I had to double back and grab a blazer...if I knew it was going to be that chilly I would have grabbed my scarf too! In all my years of living in the city I have never experienced such a drastic change of weather. I mean literally in a day we went from wearing typical summer attire...say t-shirt, jeans & sandals. To needing a long sleeve shirt, jacket & anything to cover your tootsies (toes) if they were out. What happened to the TRANSITION into know the days & evenings when you can get by with a sweater to hug you when a cool breeze comes along? I know I'm being a bit over dramatic here. But, I truly am not a fan of the cooler months!.....Bye Summer....I miss you already!

Where were you the day fall arrived at 6:03PM?

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