Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nidasii Beauty Tip: Dry Winter Skin

I think every family has at least one out spoken relative. There are several members of my family that are quite out spoken. They often say what’s on their mind. Recently one of them asked, “Nikki, how come your skin is never dry anymore.” My kind response to this relative of mine was “what do you do after you come out of the shower? Do you apply lotion or some kind or moisturizer to your skin right away?” She said no. So I let her know what the remedy was for my dry winter skin.

It takes three levels of moisture to relieve my dry skin and keep it hydrated for most of the day. Here are the steps for relieving my dry winter skin.

1. Do not take long hot showers. The hot water is very drying to the skin and it will only help to dehydrate the skin further. This is the first step, but, I must let you know that although this true I never follow this step. I always spend waaaay to much time in the shower so to compensate for this I use moisturizing soaps like handmade soaps or Sugar Rush because they do not contain the detergents that most commercial soaps do that will strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture.

2. When I come out of the shower I quickly blot my skin dry. Then apply an oil to my skin. Most of the time I use Jojoba oil, but, I also use olive or avocado oils. They work just as well.

3. After my skin slightly absorbs the oil, for me this is immediately. I apply a rich cream or lotion to my skin. At the moment I use a formulation that I am testing, it seems to work really well for my skin. However, before I started developing my own creams and lotions the Product Junkie, remember that’s me, would use a drug store brand cream designed for dry skin and mix it with a dab of glycerin. This was like heaven for my skin because when I applied the cream and glycerin mixture to my skin it feels and looks totally hydrated and smooth!!!

4. Next, I seal in the moisture by applying shea butter to my skin.

5. Bonus Tips:
•Exfoliating the skin at least once a week will not only help your skin retain moisture by sloughing away dry dead skin. It will also look brighter and healthier. It usually does for me.

•Sleeping with a humidifier on at night can also help to alleviate dry skin. The key to hydrating dry thirsty skin is to moisturize as soon as you exit the shower.

The key to keeping dry thirsty skin hydrated is to moisturize as soon as you exit the shower. I know this regimen is not for everyone. But, what can I say. I can’t stand dry skin and this regimen works for me. Does it work for you? Do you have a regimen for dry winter skin?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dark Manicure

Well you all know this blog is about a day in the life of a Product Junkie Entrepreneur, me. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I want to share one of my bi-weekly treats to myself with you. In a typical day I can say my hands are the appendage of greatest significance on my body. I use them for everything cutting, stirring, opening boxes, lifting, pouring….I think you get the picture I use them for every single thing!!

So it’s no surprise that my hands can look a hot mess if they are not treated to a manicure every other week. At the moment I am deeply in love with the dark hues. Now, I have to let you know that until recently I never wore colored nail polishes. Whenever I got manicures I would always just apply clear polish (base & top coat). This always worked for me because number one I (please note the honesty here) am inpatient at times and never have to worry about smearing the nail polish if I leave too soon. The other reason why I always stayed away from color is because I have freakishly small hands and nail beds. I always felt my nails looked nuts when I apply any pigmented color to them. At best, if I had a special occasion or event to go to I would apply a neutral or nude color just to give my hands a little oomph.

This all changed, last spring, when my manicurist suggested I try one of the darker nail polishes. I told her I love the trend on everyone else like Rihana, but, unless she wanted me to walk around looking like a freak I would pass. To make a long story short, I decided to give it a try since she agreed to remove the polish if I didn’t like it. Well needless to say I did’nt like it, I loooooooved it!!!!! And have been rocking it ever since. This week I’m wearing Eifel For This Color by O.P.I. some other favorites of mine by O.P.I. are Yoga-Ta Get This Blue and Lincoln Park After Dark.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

12 Seconds of Sugar Rush

Sometimes new visitors to the website ask what is Sugar Rush and how is it used. So I posted a 12 second video to explain the concept and use of this product.

Here's a little FYI about our Sugar Rush Products

Sugar Rush is a bath scrub that cleanses, gently exfoliates and slightly moisturizes the skin. I created this product because I looooovvve body scrubs, especially sugar scrubs!! However, I was never happy with the oily residue many of the oil based scrubs left behind in my shower. So I developed Sugar Rush. Actually, if it sounds like this product was developed out of my pure laziness, your right it was. LOL!!!

Would you like to give Sugar Rush a try?

The first 5 people to reply to this blog post will receive a 4oz. jar of Sugar Rush. Please leave your email address when replying to this post.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Want To Help Make a Change

Are you as excited as I am about the declaration of Barack Obama as our 44th President? I thought I would post this inspirational speech to blog. I have been playing this over and over all days. He inspires me do better, work harder and be better.

President Barack Obama's acceptance speech

Monday, November 3, 2008

Believe It or Not You Can Learn Alot From Hip Hop

I was inspired to write this post after I observed all that the hip-hop community was doing to get everyone out to register and vote in this historic election. In case you couldn’t tell I am a product of hip-hop. As I have grown into an adult so has hip-hop. Overtime, The culture has matured and learned to take responsibility for important issues that affect our lives. Not only am I happy to be living during this historic time. I am happy to be part of Hip Hop. Believe it or not we could all learn a lot from hip-hop.

Here are three principles I call the C.M.P.’s of hip-hop.

Change – hip hop has been around now for thirty plus years. In the beginning many said the music was a fad and it would not be around long. Well, we see they were obviously wrong about that. Hip hop has survived these thirty plus years because it is not just music it’s a culture and the music changes with the times and is adaptable to all genres of music.

Mogul – Your passion cannot be your only form of revenue. Create and own your own brand. Then diversify your brand by creating other enterprises. Jay-Z and Diddy are perfect examples of this. They have created several multi million dollars enterprises with their brands. Diddy is the ultimate hip hop mogul. His brands include a record label, clothing line and Vodka to name a few.

Philanthropy – Hip Hop has heart and many artists have foundations and give back to the communities they grew up in. Fifty cent is one artist that seems to be doing a lot for the south Jamaica neighborhood her grew up in. I recently heard he’s building a community garden in his old neighborhood and has other projects planned for his old neighborhood.

This is a historic time and I am happy to be a part of it!!!!!