Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Look Of The Day

Winter Day Out & About

Theyskens theory wool cardigan
$255 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs disco shirt
$220 -

Jane Norman white winter coat
£50 -

Miss Selfridge skinny leg jeans
£36 -

ASOS suede wedge boots
$70 -

Michael Kors leather handbag
$895 -

Mango oversized ring
£11 -

Marni string jewelry
$153 -

Roberta Chiarella crystal earrings
$68 -

PASHMINA ART cashmere scarve
€41 -

I've been told that, although, I loooove color during winter I retreat to my typical New Yorker ways wearing blacks, browns & greys with pops of color. After looking at this style board they put together they're right because this is exactly what I would wear on any given day running errands around the city....Only thing is the bag could have been bigger. I'm a short girl but I always have a BIG bag!

What's your look of the day?

Monday, January 23, 2012

How Ironic

When you get to be my age and you haven't popped out at least one kid everyone wants to know what your waiting for...that can be answered in several blog posts, But, I will digress for the moment. Actually, a few weeks ago someone asked what kind of mom would I want to be? My exact words were "I want to be a mogul Kimora just not as outspoken....OK...I really said loud. She oversees several businesses all while raising her family. Not to mention her daughter Aoki reminds me soooo much of my oldest niece. Then while searching for a clip of Kimora's show for this post I discovered this interview from the early 90's & guess what I discovered....we have the same last least her maiden ironic!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Nails Regimen

First I let my nails soak in warm water with a few drops of tea tree & lemon essential oils to soften my dry cuticles. Then I gently pushed them back before letting them soak in EVOO that I heated in the microwave for 5 to 7 seconds. You want the oil to be warm enough to comfortably let your nails soak for as long as you desire. I love doing this because I feel like I'm making my nails smile. My nails break very easy during the winter so soaking them in EVOO seems to keep the dryness & brittleness at bay. Now, we don't want anything to go to waste so add salt, sugar or cornmeal to the excess oil to create a scrub for your hands. When your done soaking your nails in the oil massage the scrub onto your hands. If your nails are a little too oily try adding a dime size amount of a mild hand soap while scrubbing your hands. I think your hands will thank you in the end!!