Monday, January 28, 2013

Hot oil Beauty Re-mix

Hey Beauties,

It’s been FREEEEEZING in NYC this week. All week long I’ve been awaking to temps of 10 and 7 degrees! Those temps don't exactly make a girl want to jump out of bed in the morning. So needless to say I’ve been blasting the heat all week drying out my skin. This weekend I decided to give my skin the treat it needs. A hot oil treatment! Yes, you read it correctly, I gave my skin a hot oil treatment. Who says hot oil treatments are only for hair. In fact, I actually re-mixed this Beauty DIY with one of our products. Here’s how you can benefit from this special treatment.

As always my moisturizing process begins after a shower on moist skin.  It’s truly the best way to deeply moisturize because it penetrates beneath the skins surface and this is how you maintain all day moisture.

Before you go into the shower take your favorite oil ( this weekend I used a blend of  coconut oil and avocado oil) and place it into a heat safe container. Next, place the heat safe container into a hot water bath to allow the oil to warm. I usually take the oil in the hot water bath into the bathroom with me and have it heat up while I’m in the shower. After the shower I slightly blot my skin  making sure  to leave it moist.

Now, here’s where the fun begins. I would normally apply the hot oil treatment to my damp skin. But, this is how I re-mixed this beauty DIY. I first applied the hot oil treatment to my skin. Oh  my goodness!!  It  feels and smells amazing. After I applied the hot oil treatment I massaged our Cocoa Commotion Body Butter into my skin to provide an additional layer of moisture to my dry skin, as well as seal in moisture. My skin literally drinks in the moisture and I have luminous, glowing skin.

Want to give this Beauty DIY a try? Here’s what you will need.
·      Your favorite oil or blend of oils
·      Heat safe container
·      Hot water bath

If you give this beauty DIY a try stop by and let us know how it worked for you.