Sunday, April 27, 2008

An Afternoon Shopping

Saturday afternoon my sister Siica (she's the Sii in Ni-da-sii) and I spent the afternoon doing something we love to do and that's shopping. As I have confessed before I am a product junky and so is my little sister. One of the stores we hit while shopping Saturday afternoon was Sephora. I have an event coming up in a few weeks and I will have to restock on some of my bare minimum cosmetic essentials. For me that would be mascara, bronzer and gloss. I cant say the same for my sister. She is a total nut for makeup. She can spend hours oggling over all the eye shadows, glosses, mascara and hues of lipstick. Needless to say we entered the store at 2pm and did not leave until a little after 3:30pm. My, my were does the time go?