Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Babassu Butter Remix

OK, we haven't remixed it or changed the formaulation, we just made a minor change....LOL

Breaking News, breaking news our multifunctional Babassu Butter is now fragrance free. I know some of you may want to know why we've decided to make it fragrance free, while others are probably breathing a sigh of relief asking "what took so long". The truth is Babassu Butter has a naturally light fragrance of its own. And, over the years our beauties have totally remixed this body butter by making it a multifunctional product that has been used to moisturize bellies, condition & moisturize dry hair, for prepoo treatments, and even as a bronzer. Yes, some do believe that our babassu butter gives them a beautifully bronzed glow when out in the sun.

Also, due to the fact that so many mama's to be are now using our babassu butter as a belly butter and even using it to moisturize their babies bottoms we decided it was best to let the fragrance go. As we know a woman's sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy and the most pleasant aroma can make some women gag...putting it nicely.

In honor of this special announcement it will be available for $10 all day!! So if you beauties out there want to give it a try at today's special price remember to do so before midnight.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Winter Survival Beauty Tips

Hi Beauties,

It's Friday. I know some you woke up this morning saying "TGIF"!! Now you all know I L.O.V.E to share beauty tips or regimens that will benefit our beautiful skin. So I wanted to share this article I found on Allure.com. The first tip is one I shared in a previous Nidasii Beauty Tip. Lingering in hot showers is never good for skin especially during winter months when there is no moisture in the air. I hope you find this article useful.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Please Help Me I'm Stumped!!

OK Beauties. I really need your help! Since my last vlog I've been wondering what to vlog about next. Oh decisons, decisions. My issue is I cant seem to narrow my options. Without a doubt video is one of the most powerful communication tools available today and I want to use it as a way for you all to learn more about me and what we're doing here at Nidasii. But, I'm not sure which one to do next. Should I answer some frequently asked questions, give you a look behind the scenes to see how we make some of our products or do a video for one of our Nidasii beauty tips. Since I cant decide I want you to tell me what you would like me to vlog about next. So feel free to comment away. We cant wait to see your suggestions and comments.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Busting At The Seams

Hi Beauties,

Sorry I've been M.I.A. at the blog lately. There's lots going on behind the scenes at Nidasii. At the moment I'm looking for an affordably priced manufacturing space. In the past three years we have grown so much that I have exhausted every storage solution to store our products and supplies. Back in December I thought I found our dream spot, I even blogged about the discovery of the beautiful space. But, we were outbid by another company!! AAAGGHHH, the life of an indie. Well it's time for us to start looking again so if you want to follow us on this journey we will be updating on our Twitter and FB pages!! Our goal is to be in our new space by June so we can have a huge opening party and invite all of you!! Who wouldn't love a party especially one with beauty products....LOL.

As always we love your comments so feel free to post them here. And if you want to suggest a manufacturing space you can post that here too...LOL

Enjoy your day Beauties.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Product of the Month

Hey Beauties!! It's Monday and I hope all of you enjoyed your weekend. I know some of you in the south east were snowed in, I hope you all made it through OK. Well, today is the first day of the month and that means its time to feature our latest give away.

This month our feature product is Cocoa Commotion Body Butter. You can visit our CCBB page to read what Stephanie of NYC had to say about our most famous body butter. it's so decadently creamy I think it will surely put a smile on your face and cure any bouts of cabin fever you may be experiencing. By the way did I mention that with every purchase of Cocoa Commotion Body Butter you will receive a 4oz. jar of our Exclusive Choco-Latte Sugar Rush bath Scrub on all orders until February 14, 2010. Please note there is a limit of one per order.