Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Babassu Butter Remix

OK, we haven't remixed it or changed the formaulation, we just made a minor change....LOL

Breaking News, breaking news our multifunctional Babassu Butter is now fragrance free. I know some of you may want to know why we've decided to make it fragrance free, while others are probably breathing a sigh of relief asking "what took so long". The truth is Babassu Butter has a naturally light fragrance of its own. And, over the years our beauties have totally remixed this body butter by making it a multifunctional product that has been used to moisturize bellies, condition & moisturize dry hair, for prepoo treatments, and even as a bronzer. Yes, some do believe that our babassu butter gives them a beautifully bronzed glow when out in the sun.

Also, due to the fact that so many mama's to be are now using our babassu butter as a belly butter and even using it to moisturize their babies bottoms we decided it was best to let the fragrance go. As we know a woman's sense of smell is heightened during pregnancy and the most pleasant aroma can make some women gag...putting it nicely.

In honor of this special announcement it will be available for $10 all day!! So if you beauties out there want to give it a try at today's special price remember to do so before midnight.

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