Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kinky Curly Tip #4

Todays Kinky Curly Hair tip was supposed to be about protien. But, after yesterdays scenario, I'm going to switch gears and write a quick post about coconut oil. I hope you enjoy it.

Yesterday while I was out and about, OK I was really at the gas station filling up my tank and buying gum, when the woman standing behind me said "your wearing a lovely fragrance; it has a soft hint of coconut". At the moment I instantly became emabarrased because all I could think about were the days when my mom would braid and grease my hair then send me off to school with my entire head smelling like a jar of hair food!! Some of you reading this post know just what Im talking about. But, I remembered my manners and thanked the woman for her kind compliment. Little did she know that it was the EVCO ( Extra Virgin Coconut Oil). The night before I applied the EVCO to my hair and scalp with the intentions of washing it out the following morning. However, the following morning I was running a bit late so I pulled my hair into my favorite hairstyle....the pony tail....LOL...and proceeded with my day.

Here are 4 reasons why I use EVCO:

1. Hydrates hair and scalp
2. Defines my curls
3. Absorbs quickly into hair locking in nutrients
4. Excellent oil to use for Pre-poo (application of oils to hair & scalp before shampooing)

Is EVCO part of your haircare regimen? If so let me know. Do you hate it or love it?

Monday, April 6, 2009

5 Things About Me

Well you know I'm passionate about the products I create and you know that I am a true product junkie, it's how I got started creating my own products. But, here are 5 things you probably did not know about me.

1. I love drug store beauty & hair aisles
2. Infatuated with the color purple
3. Addicted to lip gloss
4. Love to sleep when I can….which is almost never
5. I enjoy pampering myself