Monday, March 1, 2010

What Do You Use in Your Hair?

Hey Beauties!! I hope your enjoyed the weekend. It's Monday and I have a new post to share I hope you enjoy it.

This weekend before heading to my nieces birthday party I met up with a few friends that are helping me plan a spring event. As I leaned into great each one with a hug they all said "uummm your hair smells it coconut?" and I said yes. The thing that puzzled me was I have been putting coconut oil on my hair for a few years now when I wash or cowash and they just noticed the aroma? I think I must have gotten a little heavy handed when I applied it to my hair that day. In a rush to get out the house and my hair still damp I slathered the creamy coconut oil into my hair and let it drink up its oily juices while I pulled it back into a neat bun. It's no secret that I love, love, love coconut oil. So I wanted to share this video I found last year although its two years old.

Have a great day......20 more days to spring!!!

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