Friday, March 5, 2010

Coconut Water....Who Knew?

Hey Beauties,

Today's post is very random. But, I have to put the question out there. Have any of you tried drinking coconut water? The last time I tried drinking it I was a little girl and remember telling my mom it taste like "sock juice". Please don't judge me for my childhood ignorance. It doesn't taste like sock juice at all....anymore LOL. I felt compelled to give this natural beverage another try a few weeks ago when I noticed on the fourth day of taking my Bikram Yoga class that a few of the members were drinking coconut water, the kind that comes in the sippy size cartons, instead of water. I'm aware of the natural health benefits like the insane amount of potassium a serving contains and its ability to hydrate on a cellular level. But, I also noticed that it gives me a huge boost of energy. Now I want to know "is my mind playing tricks on me?". I don't know. But, every time I drink it I'm buzzing all over the place like I just had two cups of coffee. Is it just me or is this a natural energy booster?

To be honest I still can't drink the coconut water unless it's ice cold. But, I have been adding it to my tea, yes I'm a tea drinker, and Orange juice. Do you drink coconut water? Share your thoughts, we would love to hear them!!

Have a great weekend!!


Tricia Browne said...

I love coconut water, I find that when I'm dehydrated it quenches my thirst better than tap water. It does give me an energy boost as well. I especially like the unflavored coconut waters and like you I prefer it very cold.

Nidasii said...

Hey Tricia! Glad to hear you love it too