Sunday, November 9, 2008

12 Seconds of Sugar Rush

Sometimes new visitors to the website ask what is Sugar Rush and how is it used. So I posted a 12 second video to explain the concept and use of this product.

Here's a little FYI about our Sugar Rush Products

Sugar Rush is a bath scrub that cleanses, gently exfoliates and slightly moisturizes the skin. I created this product because I looooovvve body scrubs, especially sugar scrubs!! However, I was never happy with the oily residue many of the oil based scrubs left behind in my shower. So I developed Sugar Rush. Actually, if it sounds like this product was developed out of my pure laziness, your right it was. LOL!!!

Would you like to give Sugar Rush a try?

The first 5 people to reply to this blog post will receive a 4oz. jar of Sugar Rush. Please leave your email address when replying to this post.


Melissa L. said...

After my recent trip to the spa for a body polish, I've become a huge fan of exfoliating at home. Sugar scrubs are one of my new favorite beauty products.

Nidasii said...

Hi Melissa!! It sounds like you've joined the ranks of the "scrub-a-holics" like myself. If you would like to recieve a free sample of Sugar Rush please forward your email address to

Penny said...

I love scrubs and always like to try new ones. I'd love to receive a sample if your still offering them.
ricknpenny (at)

A said...
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Ann said...

Greetings, I would love to try. Thank you!! Scrubadub-dub! :)

Quetia said...

I like the sound of this. It sounds divine! I would love to try!

Ann said...

I was just curious on if the samples have been mailed out? Thank you.