Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Week My Poor Little Body Broke Down

Yes, it's true my little five foot body really did break down this week. Does this mean I'm officially getting older?....sniff, sniff.

It all started Monday. Can I tell you that Monday it was 82 degrees in NYC? Do you know what happens when the mercury hits 82 degrees in April.....people loose their minds! All I'll say is this you definitely see more skin. Now here's where things start going down hill for me. I didn't go crazy running out side in t-shirt and jeans. Instead, I walked with my jacket stuck in my gym bag and wore my track pants/leggings t-shirt and a sweater because I was on my way to my FIRST official kickboxing class. And all I can say is O...M...G!! I think my body immediately went into shock because I could barely walk down the stairs after class. My poor thighs kept shaking and trembling every time I had to attempt any moves in the squatting position. This class made my first class of Bikram yoga look like a steamy walk in the park. During my first time taking that class you couldn't tell me I didn't see "The Light".

Of course I felt all the pain and soreness Tuesday. But, it wasn't too bad I managed to get through the day and I even pushed my self to attend my monthly mastermind even though I wanted to go home and take a nice long soak....By the way the beautiful 82 degree weather didn't stick around for long the temperature quickly dropped by 20 degrees and it was rainy.....really, rainy! Perfect example of our early spring weather in NYC....bipolar.

Now when I woke up this morning I was in worst pain than yesterday!! I swear I'm not making this up. I know it's not good to swear, but, really I'm not making this up. Every square inch of my body was in more pain than the day before. I woke up this morning feeling muscle achy like I was coming down with the flu with muscle soreness from the day before. Every part of my body was at level 10+++++ on the pain scale, with a nice dose of insane head congestion and slight temperature to boot. Of course the head congestion is all courtesy of Tuesday's dreary rainy weather. And, of course today's weather was a repeat of yesterday.....cold, wet and rainy. Now I'm waiting for the kettle to whistle because I'm going to pour the hot water into my stainless steel face basin and hang my head over it while covering with a towel. I'm trying to hold out and stick to my natural home remedies instead of taking medicine. Oh boy...let's see how this goes. Just in case things don't work out I have my box of nasal decongestants next to me.

Good Night Beauties.


Donna Maria @ Indie Business said...

Sorry to hear all of this, except maybe the kick boxing part. Is that a "kind of" good pain? Anyway, hope you are feeling better!

Nidasii said...

Hi DM. I'm feeling much better. I would encourage everyone to try out Kickboxing I feel stronger & definitely more empowered! It's the best worst pain ever...LOL!