Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nidasii 5 Days of Butter - Pedi's Need A Cure Against Dryness

Because we're in the middle of fall and for most of us our feet are stuck in boots, cute boots I'm sure! There's no reason why your feet can't look as pretty as they did when you were rocking your cutest open toe shoes and sandals this past summer. Here's what I do when I really want to deeply moisturize my feet.

After I take my shower for the night I moisturize as usual. But, on those nights when I want to deeply moisturize and hydrate my feet I take it a step further!

*I slather my damp feet in body butter...yes I slather them
*Then I wrap each foot in plastic wrap ( yes plastic me on this....LOL)
*Next I put on my warmest, fuzziest socks and go off to bed
*The next morning I wake up to soft, supple, deeply hydrated feet

Beauty Bonus: Spa Pedicure Video: If your going to try our method to deeply moisturized feet you might want to make it an extra special pamper night. Check out our Spa Pedicure video.

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