Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Day I Knew My Daddy Would Hold Me Down No Matter What!

I must have been seven or eight years old the day I realized my Daddy would hold me down no matter what! I remember one Saturday my mom went to work and left me home with my Dad. He decided we were going to the movies, however, there was a problem. My hair wasn't combed! Now you know that was a real PROBLEM! But, but my dad, as usual, had no worries. He told me to call my Aunt and see if she could do my hair. I called and got no answer. At this point I pretty much knew our trip to the movies was over. But, my dad amazed me! When I went back to tell my dad my Aunt wasn't home he said "go get the stuff your mom uses to comb your hair". I remember standing there shocked and amazed! I wanted to know why this good man would want to even attempt to comb my hair when he knew how I cried and carried on when my mom combed my hair. I'm not talking about braids either that's a whole other blog post. But he said "you want to go to the movies right?". So I did as he said. I went to the bedroom and bought him the comb, brush, hair grease & lotion. I sat on the dining room chair as he stood and began to comb my hair. I showed him how my mom took the hair grease and mixed it with the lotion in the palm of her hands and before you knew it I had two ponytails and we were good to go! I got dressed and we hopped on the subway and went downtown to the movies!

Side Note: Now although my dad did comb hair. Please know my hair was still looking a little crazy although much better than before..LOL. But, my dad didn't care he was determined to take me to the movies and he was going to do whatever he had do to make it happen! I'm truly blessed to have a Dad like him.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

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