Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Find Your Power and Own It

Hey Beauties! Somethings been weighing on my heart and I had to write about it. These days I'm seeming way too many people let other people, situations and things steal their power. And, all too often they are letting the negative opinions of others bring them down. Naturally, hearing negative comments will make anyone unhappy and I truly understand those comments may hurt you to your core, I know because I have been there myself. You can't stay there and live in that space where you allow the negativity to steal your power. Staying in that space will prevent you from moving forward, being productive, having a clear mind to see how you can move above and beyond. All these things will eventually lead to the degredation of your physical and mental health if you remain in that negative state. That's why I believe it's fine to feel down or sad but you also have to be able to look beyond and EMPOWER yourself. How do you do this?

Because someone else thinks you can't do something doesn't mean you can't do it. When you decide to move out of that powerless state and empower your self you will find that you can do whatever "it" is, and you will most likely exceed your expectations as well as theirs.

Own the truth. We have all have done things that we are not proud of or may have cause emotional pain to others. It's OK. Accept it, own it and move forward. There's something called forgiveness and when you allow your self to forgive you GIVE yourself FREEDOM. It's like an emancipation of your spirit.

If you need a visual example on how to empower your self, just take a look at what happened in Egypt. A single man was in power for nearly 30 years and as a result of him not allowing the citizens of Egypt to empower themselves financially and through the form of a structured educational system he eventually lost his power. The people of Egypt decided they had been in that powerless state for too long so they took action and now they are in the state of tyring to Empower themselves.

How are you empowering yourself? Please do share your comments you never know how your feedback can positively affect someone else. Share the POWER.

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