Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Healthy Summer Hair Tips

 Conditioning hair during summer months is critical because it not only keeps the hair moisturized it also acts as a barrier against the drying effects of sweat, salt water & chlorine.

GO SULFATE FREE Sulfates are detergents found in some shampoos that not only strip hair of dirt and debris they also strip hair of its natural oils. When shampooing hair this summer opt for a sulfate free shampoo. It won't leave your hair feeling stripped, dry or crunchy. Then follow up with a nourishing & hydrating conditioner.

KEEP HEAT AWAY FROM HAIR Summer is the best time to embrace your natural hair texture. For starters, there are the wash and go styles and twist outs. Not to mention...FREEDOM...you don't have to run for cover at the first hint of rain. When you keep heat away from hair it always appears healthy & shiny because its retaining moisture. So even on those days when you throw on a head band and decide to let your hair do its own thing its going to look cute because your curly coils will be defined and shiny.

USE NATURAL OILS Now this is more of a DIY tip, but, you know I'm the queen of beauty DIY's. This summer I encourage you to create hair masks by adding a few drops of nourishing oils like avocado, macadamia or olive oil to your regular conditioner. With most conditioners this will create a slightly creamier texture making it an ideal leave in conditioner.

MASK YOUR HAIR BEFORE A WORK OUT Since summer has unofficially started many of us are working hard to keep our bodies tight and toned. Even more of us are working out doors exposing our hair to the drying effects of sun and sweat. Even worse, this drying combination can lead to unwanted breakage. Protecting hair with a mask like the one mentioned above in step 5 will help you avoid this. This tip is especially useful if your gym has a steam room. Sitting in the steam room for at least 10 minutes after a workout will not only do wonders for your muscles it will do wonders for your hair! If you give it a try be sure to use a plastic cap. Your going to love the end result!!

AIR DRY This summer refuse the temptation to use your diffuser or hair dryer. Instead, air dry your hair. After you shower wrap an old t-shirt or towel around your hair to absorb excess moisture. Then remove and allow your hair to air dry. This is ideal for those wash and go days.

LOAD UP ON WATER & PROTEIN Believe it or not everything we ingest orally eventually makes it's way to our hair. Drinking plenty of water will not only plump our hair with moisture it will also transport vital minerals and nutrients to our hair shaft. Eating healthy proteins such as eggs and fish are a great way to strengthen hair from the inside out.

 USE NIGHT TIME PROTECTION At night be sure to protect natural hair by styling it in protective twists or up do's, moisturizing ends and covering with a satin scarf or bonnet. This will keep your hair tangle free allowing you to retain length and prevent breakage.

SEAL IT After hydrating hair with a bit of water and applying a cream or oil to add moisture be sure to use castor oil or shea butter to seal ends. Our mango-go whipped body butter is our favorite summer time hair sealant. We know that's a shameless plug be we couldn't help it!

 DUST ENDS If your unfamiliar with dusting it's when such a small amount of hair is cut it actually looks like dust. Many naturalistas do this to help maintain length by removing only strands with
broken ends.

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