Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Beauty Benefits of Oatmeal

Beauties I ❤❤❤ what oatmeal does for my skin. I use it almost daily to wash my face in the morning. Sometimes I use it alone by pouring some in my hand and placing my closed fist under running water. Then sometimes I mix it with my daily facial cleanser. I will tell you one thing since I made oatmeal a staple in my daily beauty regimen I've had no break outs! That's right NO break outs. And I can't forget to mention my skin tone has become more even. Not to mention that my skin appears and feels highly hydrated.


  1. Moisturizing - Oatmeal contains tons of healthy fats that naturally add moisture to skin
  2. Saponin - is a soap like foam that oatmeal forms when it makes contact with water or any other aqueous solution. It acts as a natural cleanser. (Take a look at the photo attached)
  3. Pore Cleanser - The saponins found in oatmeal gently remove oil and dirt from pores

The proteins found in oatmeal form a natural barrier when applied to skin. That means it keeps all the pollutants and free radicals out. By forming this barrier it helps skin retain the natural oils it produces. Which results in moisturized skin.


Did you know you can create your own oatmeal bath soak by grinding oatmeal into a fine powder and pouring it into your bath water. This is an all around must for all skin types, however, it's ideal for anyone suffering from eczema, like I have as a child, or any skin irritations. Oatmeal is naturally calming for all skin types because of it's anti inflammatory properties.


  1. Grind oatmeal to fine powder in a food processor or coffee grinder
  2. Pour oatmeal powder into a glass container or bowl
  3. Add honey to the oatmeal powder & mix until both honey & oatmeal powder are combined
  4. You can add a bit of warm water if it becomes too thick for your liking
  5. Next apply to damp or wet skin

This recipe can be used on both face and body. If you want to create an exfoliating paste try mixing in a few whole pieces of oatmeal to this paste for the best soothing & calming treatment for your skin.

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