Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Week of the Year: Did You Make it Shine in 09?

The question of the day is "Did You Make it Shine in 09?". Since we are in the last days, actually, hours of the year I want to do something a little differently on the blog today. I want you to share with the other readers of this blog how you were able to make it shine in 09. What were your accomplishments, what great people came into your life, what no so good people did you let out of your life (this is another way to make things shine...LOL). Please share and feel free to forward to others so they can post as well. My goal today is to let others inspire others!!

Please post your comments. We want to know how you made it shine in 09!! I will post a follow up to this post tomorrow detailing the reality of my year in 2009.

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Rodricus said...

I sure did make it shine in 09! I started my blog-a-zine, The Success Center this year and it's been rocking ever since. I started a career in a new industry as a Flight Attendant. Which has been great because it's allowed me more time to blog, handle business, and connect with people around the country. 2009 has been a great year and I'm looking forward to 2010!