Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going Green Wednesday: Coconut's Triple Threat

Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are doing quite well today. It's Wednesday so if you've been following this blog you know I try to give you all little tid bits on being/going "Green" and my experiences trying to be environmentally responsible. We all know that's a daily struggle for someone like me that loves convenience. But, I hope you all are enjoying these posts. Please let me know your take on these Wednesday posts. You know I love your comments!! Hope you enjoy today's GGW tid bit..

Not so long ago my mom was informing me of the many health benefits coconut water is said to have. It was then she told me there's a saying that coconut can feed, shelter and clothe you. When she mentioned this I immediately thought of bamboo. Today bamboo is touted as one of the most sustainable materials for a number of products. It's so popular some designers promoting sustainability are using it in thier designs. I guess long before the world discoverd the resourcefulness of bamboo there was coconut.

What are your thoughts?


Debbie in Nashville said...

Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog!

I think bamboo products are great. They are always so soft and I love that they are sustainable since bamboo grows so quickly.

I try to use recycled materials when shipping out my Etsy orders. I thing every little bit helps!

Have a great holiday season!!

Nidasii said...

Hi Debbie,
I feel the same. I'm trying to be as sustainable when & where I can.