Friday, November 20, 2009

What Makes You Feel Fab?

Yesterday I posted a comment on my FaceBook page that had some of my friends laughing and I decided to share it with all of you. My post yesterday read "It's official I've been diagnosed I suffer from "Prince" syndrome. Symptoms are love of the color purple & 4 inch heels..."Of course I mean no disrespect to Prince or the artist formerly known as Prince, he's a musical genius!! But, we do share some things in common like love of the color purple, four inch heels and not to mention that we are both not the tallest. I'm a tiny gal that clears at 5'0". I really don't wish or dream of being taller it's just that a good stilleto heel is like lip gloss & mascara to me. They are simple things that don't take much to take a look from drab to fab with out much fuss at all. Not to mention that a nice heel makes legs appear longer and leaner. And trust me after spending an afternoon in them trolling the city running errands and dodging cabs, trust me they will be!!!

What are your thoughts? what makes you feel fab?

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