Friday, November 6, 2009

Things are a changing

Hey, I hope all of you are doing well this Monday. It's a new week so make it your greatest. Well, Im trying to make this blog greater by switching things up a bit and adding a new weekly feature all about curly hair. Yes, I'm trying to break away from some of the humbrum blogging, yes, I said humdrum. Before I became a Product Junkie Entreprenuer, I was and still am a Clinical Researcher. So, by nature I love to do research and share knowledge. I hope these new Kinky Curly posts will inspire conversations regarding all forms of tightly & loosely coiled curly hair. I even plan on breaking down the ingredients commonly found in these products and what effects they actually have on the hair. The purpose of these posts will be to inspire conversations and share knowledge!! As always, this blog is all about the beautiful people that take a minute or two out of thier day to read what's going on with or at Nidasii, so please send us any questions you may have

What do you think about the weekly "Kinky Curly" posts? Is this something that interests you?

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