Saturday, October 20, 2007

5 Fun Facts About Brown Sugar

Today has been a crazy day!! I had several teleconferences and product to package for shipping. As an entrepreneur it seems there are never enough hours in a day. As cliché as this may sound it’s true. So, it’s with great pleasure that I report the inspiration for todays post actually came from one of my very own products, Cocoa Commotion Sugar Rush. The fragrant aromas of 100% pure dark Darkchocolate infused with softer aromas of cocoa butter seemed to have awaken my senses as the grains of brown sugar gently exfoliates.

So I decided to post some fun facts about one of my favorite ingredients. Brown sugar.

• Brown sugar obtains its brown hue from molasses
•Light brown sugar usually contains 3.5% molasses and dark brown sugar usually contains 6.5%
• Turbinado, Demerara and muscovado are three types of brown sugar commonly found in the market today
• Due to the shape of sugar crystals it’s not as abrasive as salt making it an ideal exfoliant for use in beauty and body care products
• This sweet ingredient has also inspired several projects in the entertainment industry. It’s been featured in a controversial song by the Rolling Stones, an album by Dangelo as well as a movie titled Brown Sugar directed by Rick Famuyiwa

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