Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Sanctuary

Lately things have been a little crazy me. For the past week I’ve been busy preparing product and taking care of general Nidasii business. This time of the year things start to move nonstop until the end of the holiday season. What a great problem to have!!!! But in the midst of the current madness I made time to retreat to my favorite place. My bathroom.

Anyone who knows me knows that my bathroom is my sanctuary. It’s filled with all the things I love. Nidasii bath and body products, soy candles, music and luscious tropical aromas. Everything I need for a long relaxing bath. It’s the place where I can fill the tub with my new formulation of foaming bath milk, light my candles and just lay my head back and let my worries drift away in the ripples of the water.

Do you have an area in your home you consider your sanctuary? Stay tuned for my next post where I will give several tips that can be implemented to make your own bathroom sanctuary.

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