Friday, December 13, 2013

Nidasii Beauty Concierge: Day 4...But Beyonce Just Dropped A Game Changing Body Of Work

Beauties, wouldn't you know last night, no more than an hour after trying to come down from my Scandal high my phone began to flash non stop with alerts coming in from twitter & instagram. To my surprise, when I picked up my phone I saw all the alerts were about Beyonce....and she did WHAT? She released a WHAT?.....a visual album with 14 songs and 17 videos. Wait a minute, what time is it?....12:37AM? That's a total of 31 cuts/songs/videos on one body of work! But, wait how can I forget about the best part. She did all of this with out any promotion or advance notification. She just put it out and "let it do what it do".

Some may say this is an example of Beyonce "leading by example", but, I say she's" motivating by example". That's all we talked about in the studio today and judging the from discussions we had today she has motivated the Beauties I work with to be more conscious of thinking outside of the box and pushing through on their goals & aspirations.

Have you seen or heard Beyonce's latest visual album? Be sure to share your thoughts with us!

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