Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nidasii Beauty Concierge: Day 2 & 3...Today Was A Good Day!

DAY 2:
Hey Beauties! How many of you in the NYC area awoke yesterday expecting to find at least four to six inches of snow on the ground? Only to look out your window and find snow falling with a  light dusting of snow. Just enough to coat the cars. As usual NYC meteorologist's were a bit over zealous in their weather predictions for the city. But, I can't say I was upset by what I saw. I made a promise to myself the night before that I was not going to let the snow interrupt our Beauty Concierge Services. Even if I had to make each and every single delivery myself!....OK I have to admit I really hoped it would not get to that point, but, if it did I certainly was prepared to follow through on my promise.  After all, concierge service is about providing a service that goes above and beyond. Although  our day may have started off a little wet & slippery, we made it to each one of our Beauties on weather delays here!

DAY 3:
The funniest thing happened today. One of the Beauties we delivered to today sent an email stating an item was accidentally packed with her order. She was kind enough to provide her number so I gave her a call. She explained she found a pink box with her items and I explained to her, that wasn't an accident. That's our special gift to you. We place one in every Beauty Concierge order. And you know what she said...."I'm Impressed....I'm loving your service!". That made my day.... in the words of Ice Cube...Today was a good day!

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