Monday, February 4, 2013

Shamelessly Addicted to Technology

Hey Beauties…It’s me again back with our latest blog post. Now I have to tell you over the years I have totally turned into a tech geek! At this point I don’t think there’s any part of my life that does not involve technology. Dare I say I may be a bit addicted to technology??? As many of you  may know I am a lost soul without my iphone! Just last month while shopping for pieces for our new location I accidentally left  my phone home. By the time I realized I forgot it home I decided I was too far to turn back and figured I could make it through an afternoon of shopping without it…..WRONG!! I was totally lost without it. I couldn’t take pictures, I had questions and I couldn’t text anyone on our team for answers. Needless to say I was totally frustrated and disgusted. However,  I was able to select items and pick up the essentials we needed for our new space although I was not nearly as efficient as I would have been if I had my phone. Then to top everything off, now I’m standing on a long line without any apps to help me pass the time away!! ……Oh what  in the world did I do before technology became such an integral part of my life?

Beauties are any of you out there as obsessed with technology as I am? If you are leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Would you like to see more blog posts & videos  on how we use technology & apps on a daily basis? If you do please leave your comments below.

Have a beautiful week Beauties!


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