Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why Nina?

Since yesterday I have received quite a few direct messages and texts after Donna Maria, founder of the Indie Beauty Network, tweeted that I named my iphone "Nina". Well those of you that are familiar with my wonderful family and friends will not be surprised to hear most of them had jokes for days while the other half felt the same as me , lost, when they realize they left it home or have forgotten it somewhere. So, to answer your questions of why I #1 chose to give it a name and 2nd why Nina? Here's your answer.

Honestly, I decided to give it a name because it's always by my side and secondly whenever someone asked me a question (like directions, temperature, time, name it) and I did not have the answer I always said let me ask my assistant (referring to the iphone & me being funny of course). So I got tired of saying "let me ask my assistant". Now, if anyone asks me a question and I do not have the answer I now say "Let me ask my assistant Nina"...LOL. I must say it's truly an instrument I use to conduct business on a daily basis. Especially as a "Small Business" owner it helps me tremendously when I am able to stay connected to all forms of social media like Facebook and Twitter when I'm in front of my laptop.

When I decided to give it a name Nina was the first name that came to mind without much thought. I then, remembered a verse in a song where they say "I keep my Nina by my side" and decided that pretty much summarized how I felt about my iphone

I'm also happy Apple finally addressed one of my biggest wishes and finally created a device that allows you to record video. Here's an excerpt from one of my previous blog posts.

"As with any product there is always room for improvement. So I feel the iphone should be upgraded to record video".

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have an iphone? Does it help you run your business or manage your time efficiently? What are your thoughts?

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