Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Iphone Saves the Day

Yes I have an Iphone and it has saved the day for my business on more than one occasion. Three years ago I purchased a mac computer after becoming extremely disgusted with my PC always failing at the worst possible times. So after much investigation I bit the bullet and purchased an apple laptop. Although, I love the performance and outstanding customer service I receive from this product, I must admit the downside was that my laptop was not compatible with multimedia media phones like the Blackberry that function off of the windows program. So, sometime in late July I broke down and finally purchased an Iphone.

I must admit when I first purchased this phone I was not as enthusiastic about it then as I am now. It was nice to have a product that would make my bag a few ponds pounds lighter by eliminating the need for me to carry around my ipod, camera and phone. My bag normally weighs about 13 pounds. I know its insane, but what is a beauty entrepreneur to do? Once I familiarized myself with the functions of the phone and apple made some much needed updates to enhance it functionality, it has quickly become one of those products I “must have” when I am away from my business and laptop.

Here are 5 ways the Iphone has saved the day for me and my business

1. One day while standing in line, for twenty minutes, at the Post Office I was able to draft an article for one of my blog posts.
2. On many occasions I was able to instantaneously respond to critical emails.
3. While on the go I can always take pictures for the blog or newsletter that are just as clear as my digital camera.
4. Oneday while out meeting with prospective retailers I received a call from my accountant informing me there was a document I needed to sign ASAP. I was able to map directions directly to his office from where I was.
5. When I am away from the business I can always be reached for urgent issues and respond to critical emails in real time.

As with any product there is always room for improvement. So I feel the iphone should be upgraded to record video. Do you or anyone you know have an Iphone? Do you love it or hate it ? Let me know.

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