Monday, October 20, 2008

How I Spent my Saturday Night....Sunday Morning

Well, the “Product Junkie Entrepreneur”, that’s me, spent my Saturday night answering emails and starting what I call my "Kinky Curly" hair regimen. You see, my hair has a naturally curly pattern that becomes beautifully curly and wavy when wet, however, when it dries it turns into one hot tangled and brittle mess. So a few years ago I formulated my own regimen to moisturize and hydrate my Kinky Curly tresses. Here’s how I spent my Saturday night….Sunday morning.

Now, I want to warn you this may take a little extra time, but, it works for me. I hope it will work for you. This regimen may even save you some cash during these uncertain economic times.

1. Saturday night I saturated my dry hair with olive oil, making sure to massage the oil into my scalp. I usually use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), however, any olive or avocado oil would be just fine. Then, I cover my head with a plastic cap and leave it in over night.
2. Sunday morning I rinse my hair with warm water and apply my detangling deep conditioner. Once I work the conditioner into my hair I apply a plastic cap for ten to fifteen minutes.
3. Next, I apply shampoo and work it into my conditioned hair, then I rinse.
4. Next, I style as desired. For me, that means either leaving it in its naturally curly condition or flat ironing it straight. Now that we are in the midst of the fall season I usually dry and flat iron my hair.

At the end of this regimen you should have beautifully defined and hydrated curls!!!!

Will you give this regimen a try? If you do let me know how it goes. What is your hair care regimen?

FYI about “Kinky Curly” hair
The most important thing to do for this hair type is condition, condition, condition. To me, the conditioning is more important than the washing. If this hair type is not properly hydrated it will appear dry and frizzy.


Donna Maria @ Indie Beauty said...

Girrrrrrrrrrl, I have to say that I thought you were talking about me and my daughter when you said "hot tangled and brittle mess." I love your regimen and would have been happy to try it before I became a mom. Now, any hair I spend that kind of time on is being pulled out! It takes about 3 hours to wash, detangle, blow dry, comb out, braid and otherwise love my daughter's hair. When we're done, honey, we are lucky to be speaking to one another. I will bookmark this for when she can take care of her own hair - and I have then time to take better care of mine. In the meantime, can you say "pony tail?" HA! I'm so glad it works for you and I'll be dreaming of the day ... Indie Love, dM

Nidasii said...

DM, Your scenario sounds very much like me and my mother when I was a little girl. I sure wish detanglers and conditioning detanglers where around when I was younger. You could hear the screams and breaking combs miles away.....LOL

Anonymous said...

I have natural hair and I use this technique ever so often. Just can't seem to sleep with the plastic cap on so I do it in the daytime while doing housework.