Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nidasii Beauty: Why Curlista's Moisturize With Our Whipped Body Butters

Hey Beauties warm weather season is finally here and that means Curlista's can finally wash and go without the fear of catching pneumonia. As for me I'm an easy breezy kind of girl so most days during this time of year I start my day  by wetting or co-washing my hair in the shower. Then I blot my hair with a towel to absorb the excess water. Next I apply one of our whipped body butters usually Mango-go this time of year because it gives my hair the best fragrance and the aroma always reminds me of summer. It also helps that our body butters are whipped to a smooth and creamy mousse consistency because it absorbs into the hair follicles rather than sit on top of the hair shaft causing it to appear dull as well as cause residue build up. Next, I usually divide my hair into four sections and apply our whipped body butter to each section to ensure each section is properly moisturized. Once each section has been moisturized the only thing left to do is leave my hair out or pull all my juicy coils into a top knot bun, which happens to be my go to look most spring/summer days.

Curlista's have you tried moisturizing your coils with our body butters? If you have be sure to let us know your regimen.

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