Thursday, August 29, 2013

Are You Ready For A Beauty Cocktail?

Beauties do you like cocktails? If you do we're sure your going to love this one. We love cocktails especially when they're Beauty Cocktails. In addition to taking care of skin on the outside we believe its especially important to take care of it from the inside. This beauty cocktail of coconut water, lemon juice & seltzer water will hydrate all the way down to the cellular level. Here are a few properties that make lemon & coconut water are ideal for skin and body.

Benefits of Coconut Water
  1. Anti Aging - Contains anti-thrombotic and anti-carcinogenic properties that significantly reduces the aging of skin
  2.  Digestion - Contains enzymes such as folic acid, diastase, phosphate, catalase and RNA polymerases that aid in digestion and metabolism
  3.  Dehydration - Due to its electrolyte balance and plasma content coconut water closely resembles human blood making it ideal for treating dehydration
  4.  Strong Bones - Contains high levels of calcium 
  5.  Muscle Cramps - Due to its high levels of potassium it significantly reduces muscle cramps
  6. Increases Metabolic Rate - Consuming coconut water regularly increases the metabolic rate which causes insulin to burn faster in the body thus increasing its metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate means the body burns sugar faster causing a person to have increased energy and fat loss
Benefits of Lemon

  1. Oily Skin - Applying lemon juice to a cotton pad and gently wiping the face at bed time then washing in the morning has been known to reduce appearance of oily skin
  2. Treatment of Acne - The anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties make it ideal for treating acne
  3. Strengthen Nails - The combination of olive oil & lemon juice has been known to strengthen nails when massaged into the nail
  4. Lighten Hair Color - When lemon juice is combined with hair conditioner and used as a leave in conditioner it has been proven to naturally lighten hair when you sit out in the sun for at least an hour
Nidasii Beauty Cocktail

1.  1/2lemon
2.  Coconut Water
3.  Seltzer Water

Pour 4oz of coconut water & 4oz seltzer water to cup. Squeeze in the juice of half of a lemon and stir. Feel free to add ice if you prefer to drink chilled.

Beauties if you give the Nidasii Beauty Cocktail a try please let us know how it worked for you!

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