Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Foodie In Me

Hey Beauties I have a confession to make....."My name is Nicole and I am a Foodie". I had to share this recent admission with all of you because last week I realized every single time I turn on my TV I immediately switch it to channel 51 if it's not there already. Do you know what channel 51 is....? It's the new Cooking Channel!! And I'm totally addicted!! I remember the first day I found it this summer I' jumped up & down like a fool because Nigella Lawson's show was on. Now the reason I was acting like a fool was because my Grandmother and I use to love watching her on either the Food Network or TLC, I can't remember wich station at the moment. But, I love watching her and the approach she takes with her globally inspired dishes with an english twist. I think she has cooking swag....or would that be food swag? As you see I come from a family Foodies. Since finding the station I'm now in love with Everyday Exotic, Spice Godess, Food Crafters and Indian Made Easy know I love my spicy food...LOL.

But the thing that inspires me about food are the ingredients. Just like beauty, the ingredients are key. The most basic natural ingredients seem to create the most amazing beauty products and dishes that give you that warm and fuzzy feeling. Let's face it. Food and beauty are about creating an emotion!!......I'm just a hopeless Foodie.

Are you a hopeless Foodie too? Share your stories we want to know!

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