Sunday, July 18, 2010

3 Things I Need For a Day at the Beach

This weekend I was all too happy to be able to escape to the beach. Now you have to understand to most I'm sort of a bizarre beach goer because I don't like to venture off into the water. I'm one of those people that likes to sit on the sand under an umbrella reading and enjoying the salt water breeze and yesterday that breeze felt so good!! I actually wasn't hot at all. But There are three things I wont survive a day at the beach without.

Sunscreen - As much as I love the sun and spending time in it I realize it can be extremely damaging to my skin so I always slather it all over my body. And I mean all over. From head to toe!

Babassu Butter
- the other item I probably wouldn't be able to survive a day at the beach with out is my babassu butter. It's helps my skin attain the prettiest, bronzey glow.

Spray Bottle - As crazy as it may sound I always carry a spray bottle with my water glycerin mixture to rehydrate my curls and give my skin a refreshing spritz. This feels amazingly refreshing when you keep the spray bottle containing the water glycerin mixture in a cooler.

As I was writing this post I realized I left out another important item and that's my floppy sun hat to protect and cover my face.

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