Friday, May 29, 2009

Nidasii Beauty Tip: Milk & Sugar Bath

For me there is nothing more Fab than bathing in milk. Honestly, it’s one of the best treats I give myself and my skin. The great thing about milk baths is that you can be as simple or as decadent as you want because the recipes are endless. If you take a look over to the column on the right and you scroll down to the section titled “ Home Spa Recipe” you will find my basic Milk Bath recipe. But, today I’m going to share two of my decadent recipes with you. I hope your enjoy them!!!

Cocoa Fab

If you’re a chocoholic , like me, I’m sure you will adore this luxurious bath treat. First you will need

• Powdered Goats Milk
• 1 quart of milk (I know we’re in the middle of a global recession & you may not want to pour an entire quart of milk in your bath. This is fine you can use a small portion or skip it all together. This is just one of the ways I make this bath recipe decadent)
• 100% pure unrefined cocoa powder
• Exfoliant of your choice

Pour one cup or desired amount of powdered goats milk and cocoa powder into warm bath. Swish bath water with hand to ensure even distribution of the powdered ingredients. Next, pour a quart of whole milk into the bath. The only thing left to do now is chillax!!! I can sit in this bath for at least an hour, but, sitting in this bath for at least a half will allow the lactic acid to soften and slough away dead skin. At the end of my bath I like to use Cocoa Commotion Sugar Rush to gently exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate my skin. This is my favorite winter bath because the lactic acid in the milk sloughs away dead skin while the pure cocoa powder detoxifies.

Cinnamon, Vanilla, Almond, Rose, etc…..You Make Your Choice!

This next milk bath recipe uses the same ingredients as those listed above with the exception of cocoa powder. Pour one cup or desired amount of powdered goats milk into warm bath water. Next pour a quart of whole milk . Swish with hand to ensure even distribution of powdered and whole milk. Since this is more of an aroma therapy bath add the fragrance of your choice. During the winter months I like to use fragrances like vanilla, cinnamon and almond while during the spring & summer months I like to use mango and guava fragrances. The huge amounts of lactic acid is what makes these two recipes decadent and luxurious. They leave skin feeling soft and velvety smooth.

Did you enjoy this Tip? Will you give this recipe a try?

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