Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why it Works

I recieved two questions about yesterdays blog post "Nidasii Kinky Curly Hair tip #3". Although they read the post they did not leave the comment at the blog. Instead, they sent me a Direct Message on Twitter. They both asked the same question. They wanted to know "why/how" the glycerine & water mixture makes the hair soft.

So here it is. I explained how it works, now here's why it works. This tip works because glycerine is a humectant, that abords moisture from the air. When glycerine is mixed in a soloutioun of water and sprayed into the hair it's quickly absorbed into the hairs cuticle making it plump and juicy. When the cuticle is hydrated in its natural curly state defined curls are sure to follow.

Do you have any questions? Please keep sending your questions and comments wether it's here on the blog or on Twitter keep sending them!!

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